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Patrick Henry College Campus Resources

Patrick Henry College Campus Resources

Student Resources on Campus

College is one of the most formative periods in the lives of young adults looking for an education. For them, the four years they spend learning and developing their academic abilities presents a time of self-discovery and self-exploration. College life helps in learning your strengths and weaknesses in a way that simply isn’t possible in high school. But the discoveries they will be making won’t purely be academic in nature. There’s a lot to learn, even outside the classroom. With added flexibility in time, access to more College Campus Resources, and an ability to manage one’s own schedule makes life on a college campus, in a sense, the first taste of autonomy. It’s particularly because this is such a formative period in a student’s life that it’s important to have those extra-curricular pursuits.

Every college offers unique ways for students to explore their interests—whether that be through activities outside the school or by providing recreational areas on campus. It’s hard to find two college experiences that are exactly alike and offer the same advantages. But by simply creating areas for students to thrive in, colleges help students on the road to personal development.

At Patrick Henry College, the students have access to a campus which will provide them with outlets to explore the various talents and gifts the Lord has given them. It’s these small, tangible details that allow Patrick Henry College to provide its students with outlets to enrich both their time and their community at school.

Student Kitchen

Inside the student lounge, students at Patrick Henry College can make use of the student kitchen. It’s a medium, four-stove kitchen that’s open and available to all Patrick Henry College students. During the semester, students may want to eat something different or host special meals for birthdays or other occasions.

As college students are often known for their superb ramen-cooking abilities, so they enjoy branching out from traditional college snacks. Every now and again, a student may want a rack of ribs or steak or even just some pasta. And because there’s a supermarket complex near Patrick Henry College’s campus, cooking a plate of food is not so difficult.

Author Bio

Leo Briceno is currently studying Political Journalism at Patrick Henry College a classical Christian liberal arts college in Purcellville, Virginia. After graduation, Leo planned to stay in the area to work in the news industry in Washington D.C.